NoiseFloor_EP006 - Kurt Danielson on playing bass guitar and other topics,

August 7, 2018

Tad Doyle interviews bassist and writer Kurt Danielson. Danielson shares about his carrer as a musician, his writing exploits iand what his inspirations are. His career spans many decades. Kurt is currently in a couple of different bands and is writing a book. You can find out more about the works that Danielson has been involved with on discogs here: Kurt Danielson's Discog

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NoiseFloor_ EP004 - Noise-mongering in the box with guest Jack Endino

September 15, 2017

NoiseFloor_ EP004
Tad Doyle interviews the legendary Grunge producer, musician, audio engineer, multi-instrumentalist, and guitarist Jack Endino. Some of the bands that he has been in include: Skin Yard, Sky Cries Mary, Upwell and Crypt Kicker 5 just to name a few. He has recorded and mixed Melvins, Nirvana, SoundGarden, High On Fire, TAD, Mudhoney and so many more bands that a whole paper could be written about this man and his career. Endino travels world-wide and currently frequents Brazil where he records bands free-lance. Endino is also the house engineer at Sound House Recording Studio in Seattle formerly owned and operated by Scott Crane who built the studio and has seen his share of other studios including the legendary Reciprocal Recording Studio in Seattle where he built a legacy of impressive recordings.

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Photo Cred. -Chris Kornelis (Seattle Weekly)

Welcome to Tad Doyle’s Noise Floor podcast.

August 16, 2017

Welcome to the Noise Floor podcast. I will strive to have interesting guest musicians, songwriters, recording, mixing & mastering engineers; sound designers, composers of film, television & gaming soundtracks from all over the world. Please subscribe.

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